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Far From the Madding Crowd
Thomas Hardy
After You're Gone: Future Proofing Your Genealogy Research
Thomas MacEntee
The Winter Sea
Susanna Kearsley
Preserving Your Family's Oral History and Stories
Thomas MacEntee
Getting The Words Right
Theodore A. Rees Cheney
How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method (Advanced Fiction Writing Book 1)
Randy Ingermanson
Oxygen: A Science Fiction Romantic Suspense Space Adventure (Oxygen Series #1)
John Olson, Randy Ingermanson
Donna Bell's Bake Shop: Recipes and Stories of Family, Friends, and Food
Matthew Sandusky, Pauley Perrette, Darren Greenblatt
The John Green eSampler
John Green
The Daily Walk Bible NLT: 31 Days With Jesus
Walk Thru the Bible

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If you like Jane Austen, you'll like these books

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Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas - Gemma Halliday Enjoyed the read, and look forward to trying out the high heels mysteries.

Elvis Has Not Left the Building

Elvis Has Not Left the Building - J.R. Rain I really enjoy Mr. Rain's writing, and this one was a really fun read. Well worth picking up!


Snowdomed - John A. Holten One of the strangest stories I've read in a long while.

The Last Page

The Last Page - Libby Fischer Hellmann, David J. Walker Surprising complete for such a short story. I enjoyed it.

The Host

The Host  - Stephenie Meyer I had had this book on my wish list for over a year, and decided to finally get around to reading it. Seemed interesting, especially after I had read an excerpt online. As it turned out, this book is one of the most gripping reads I've had in awhile. I enjoyed the characters, the story, and the writing in general. This one has earned a place on my "top-shelf favs".


Brainrush  - Richard Bard Enjoyed the read, especially during the 3rd of the three parts to this book. Original story, good story-teller. My only real complaint is about the editing, which was sometimes a bit of a distraction. Otherwise, I'd definitely recommend this, and I look forward to the next book in the series.

The Oracle of Stamboul

The Oracle of Stamboul - Michael David Lukas I received this book free through the Good Reads First Reads program.

I really enjoyed this lovely little story, and it's gotten me hooked on wanting to know more about the history of this region where the story takes place. Although I don't feel like it really wrapped up some of the loops of the story and I was still left with several questions at the end, I still feel like it was well worth the read and will probably read it again sometime. Plus, I would love to know what happened next in Eleanora's life even though I got the feeling that there won't be a second installment.

I liked most of the characters and thought they were fleshed out very well, considering this turned out to be such a quick read.

I would definitely keep my eye on this author, and look forward to future books from him.